This Club News & Events site provides an avenue for Rotary, Rotaract, & Interact clubs to contribute articles and news of interest to other Rotarians in our District.

Your club news is important.  Your club members, other Rotarians in District &, of course, members of the public are interested in it.

Telling Club stories does two things we need.  Firstly, they showcase our causes and our success; and secondly, they celebrate and thank our Rotarians.  Think about your weekly bulletin and how popular the photos of members in action are.  The district website and other publication avenues is where members of other Clubs and the public can look in and see who we are and what we are doing.

Stories that pull the heartstrings, that show off our successes and that show Rotarians in action are what is sought.

If you write it like a press release, preferably in word and with photos separate, it can go up on the District website & this Blog to really showcase our Clubs and Rotarians.

There are a number of ways that the story can be submitted:

  1. Send stories in to the Editorial team (
  2. Use this Club News & Events blog –  See the instructions below.
  3. Your club Facebook page but please message us
  4. On the District Facebook page
Whichever way Club News stories are submitted, they will be published on the District website, in eNews, on the blog, & on Facebook where appropriate.

To submit your news or event details using this blog, please select “Leave a Comment” below. You do not need to login.  Please note our Posting Rules

Remember, write it like a press release, preferably in word and with photos separate.  Include your article or event details in text form ready for publication.  Include relevant links to your website (images, articles, documents), or email your documents to us.

Alternatively, simply send your copy and separate photos in an email to

District eNews is reviewed weekly for publication on Thursday at least every two weeks.


1 Response to Contribute

  1. On Tuesday night 5th July, Dr. Colin Barlow will be talking to Lane Cove Rotary club about the work of the Nusa TenggaraAssociation in the alleviation of poverty and other developments in eastern Indonesia. Our club supports Dr. Barlow with our program Rotary Small Grants Project Indonesia (click here for more information).
    Dr. Barlow in an agricultural economist and expert in Indonesia. He has been visiting the area twice each year of for more than 30 years as he and his team monitor the NTA’s projects.
    The meeting is held at the Lane Cove Country club on River Road Lane Cove and commences at 6.15pm for 6.45pm. Please RSVP by return email or telephone 0417049335 for catering purposes.
    A wonderful evening is assured.
    Best regards,
    PP Chris Curtis
    Lane Cove Rotary Club

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